Sunday, June 6, 2010


Today was a wonderful day filled with the Holy Spirit. Today the team woke up about 7:00 and started are day with our regular devotions. We talk about how when we are in situations that might be uncomfortable or hard that the Lord will come to us when we need him the most. Also in the morning some of our team mates were not feeling so well so we put our hands over them and prayed that the Holy Spirit would come and heal there sickness. Some stayed behind to tend to the sick, while the rest of the team went to breakfast at Nancy's house who is one of the youth we work with from day to day. At breakfast we were served a traditional Honduras meal that consisted of beans, eggs, and cheese all wrapped in a flour tortilla.... SO TASTY!

Then the team went to the main church in Chiquimula, from there the team split into two groups. One group stayed at the church in Chiquimula and the second group went to another church in San Juan which is a small village not to far from Chiquimula. The group at the San Juan location went in the streets inviting people to come and join them for service. The team also prayed for people in the village in their homes. The church service in San Juan was great, they sang worships songs in spanish and in english, which sounded beautiful. After worship the children where taken to participate in children's church where the kids did various activities centering on God and his love for us. The older kids who were left got to listen to a few testimonies from our team, which went great. When we got done with our testimonies we prayed for the kids and one child even asked to have Jesus in his life, which was awesome.

The team back in Chiquimula had a really good time, they started out with praise and worship, and the group immediately felt the presence of the Holy Spirit. When praise and worship ended the group took the children to the playground about a block away, while at the playground the kids where taught a bible verse and played a couple games. Back at the church in Chiquimula our own team leader Dr. Best was given the opportunity to give a message about healing and how through prayer God can produce many things. After both services where finished we went back to our hotel and one of our team members who had been felling sick was a lot better, we knew God had touched and healed her. Then as a whole team we went to one of Pastor Hoses friends house for a delicious meal of chicken, mash potatoes, and avocado... yummy!

We left the house and headed back to the hotel for some much needed relaxation. We even picked and coconut and drank the juice inside. Some enjoyed it some not so much but it was a fun experience to say the least. The night came and with it rain, thunder and lightning which made for a great storm. Later on we sat around and fellowship and had some good old fashioned tasty hot dogs. In all today was a great day and there are many more to come.

Keep us in your prayers
P.S Here is a sneak preview of our time here time in Guatemala

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