Wednesday, June 9, 2010


THE DAY. From the mind of Joni through the hands of Addie Swi-Fly.

6:39 - Woke up. I was tired but I was excited for the day and my devotional.

6:43 - I took a shower to wake up.

6:53 - Went for a walk around the courtyard around the hotel. I felt nervous about leading devotionals, so I listened to music and tried to collect my thoughts.

7:15 - Gave devotional. Romans 12:17 - forgiveness and sacrificing ourselves to live as Jesus.

7:49 - Loaded up in the big red van "Toyota."

8:10 - Arrived at Cordero's house for breakfast. I was so excited about the "Guatemalan Experience" which consisted of "empanadas" [bean filled toritillas] and "tomales" [meat filled corn bread] and coffee.

8:55 - Cortnea and I left for the high school. I was nervous about teaching the STEP, because I knew how hard it would be and I really wanted them to get it for their competition.

9:00-11:00 - Arrived at high school and met the team. (Aesdeao) And taught the team along with my faithful friend Cortnea Ralston. They picked up on the STEP extremely quick. I was surprised and proud of the girls, I could tell they really wanted to learn it and it was fun teaching them. At the very end, the team showed their appreciation by buying us bags of water.

11:05 - No sight of scheduled transportation.

11:30 - Cortnea, Karin [Guatemalan translator from church], and I walked to the bus station and waited on three different buses because of their load. (I was apprehensive about public transportation in a bustling unknown city. It was one quetzel each, we sat at the very back and communicated with a man from Guatemala who spoke French - Go Figure!)

11:38 - We met up with the rest of the team at the house we were painting.

11:42 - Started painting purple trim on the house.

1:57 - Stopped painting for a lunch break (Jelly and favorite!)

2:19 - Went back to painting.

3:22 - Paused for a short break of soccer, what else? It was raining, so the painting had to stop for a short time!

4:01 - Returned to painting, rain or shine, this house had to be painted. We worked on the front of the house till 9pm. Note to bloggers: DO NOT ADD WATER TO PAINT. During this time, we fixed up things in the house, when we were waiting on paint.

Later - Paint arrives! We are able to finish the painting. Git'R'Done! I felt accomplished for the family's sake. We gave the family something to be proud of. We had a touching prayer of dedication for the family when we were finished. We had our own Extreme Make-over Home Edition with our own host Wes Cates (Ty), we were able to say "MOVE THAT BUS!" It was so much fun!

Even later - when back to the Cordero's house for supper - bbq chicken, mashed potatoes and two cups of coffee.

It was a great day! Please keep us in your prayers as we experience the last days of our mission trip!



  1. It is so wonderful keeping up with you all on your mission trip through the magic of computers. We love hearing about your travels, new food experienes and how God is working with and through you. Jason, thank you for facebooking your lil sis so we can know you are 'alive'! Love the coconut pic, although I was sure it was a papaya. This is my first blog, I am so excited. Love and prayers to you all, Jason's mom, dad, sisters & gram.

  2. Again we at the Ralston house anticipate the daily blog from our Guatamela Team! It is wonderful to hear from each of the team members and the days activities! Know that each and every one of you are in our daily thoughts and prayers!! It was especially nice to have a quick minute to chat with our beautiful Cortnea last night on fb chat! Your guys are awesome! RALSTON FAMILY!